Guest Brewer Program

Platform is dedicated to giving our local homebrew communities the opportunity to experience life as a commercial brewer.  Through our programs and collaborative partnerships we are literally creating a “Platform” for talented brewers to showcase their skills and knowledge.  We hope the experience can spark a desire to continue a career in the brewing industry.


Introducing Tom Jenkins of West East Brewing

Platform Beer Co.’s Second Brewery Incubator Participant

Who is West East Brewing?

West East Brewing began as most homebrewers do, from kitchen, to backyard, to garage and through constant collaboration and brew sessions with friends. Whether it was outside in the 100 degree heat or sub-zero degree temperatures out in the garage on brew day – we became obsessed with perfecting our craft. The ‘brew binder’ began to fill. Tasting notes kept our encouragement but challenged our everyday execution. And as a result, over the past few years we’ve brewed a fair share of award winning beers in multiple styles.

In our beginnings and early aspirations, Tom Jenkins took notes from what he learned living and traveling to and from the West Coast in California from a lifelong friend, Jay Holliday of Pine Street Brewing (San Francisco). Tom later connected with Eric Patalinghug, a co-worker and friend, through a shared passion for beer and a chat in an airport terminal. It was shortly thereafter, Tom and Eric realized they could share something more with Cleveland and greater Northeast Ohio.

West Side vs. East Side

Those of us from Cleveland know there’s always been the great debate of West Side vs. East Side of the river which started nearly 200 years ago with the Bridge War of Cleveland.

In the world of craft-brew there is also renowned difference; call it a divide, between West Coast style and Eastern, more-European influenced beers. West Coast craft beers are known to be particularly hop-forward featuring the Pacific Northwest’s hops, namely Centennial, Cascade, Chinook and Columbus. While the East is known to embody more of a European influence which is malty, big bodied, and features the bill of Vienna, Pilsner, Caramels, English, and other dark roasted malts – complemented by Noble Hops.

So for us, we instantly knew. It was always a story of West and East.

West East Brewing takes you on our journey. From the West Coast of Southern California and back again to the tale of two cities West and East of a river. Here, the great debate still carries on today. Yet, we know that no matter if you’re West or East of the Cuyahoga, or if you’re catching waves in Newport Beach, “we” enjoy great beer.

About our Brews

We’ve crafted a great variety of beers and are always continuing to experiment.

West East Brewing has tried to bottle all the local “flavors” of Ohio, capture influence from the West Coast and our own family European heritage. This is best seen (or rather tasted) in some of our more notable beers like “Horizon” our Imperial IPA, “Steele’s” Strawberry Rhubarb Fruit Beer, “Oh Snap” our seasonal Christmas stout, “Est Vivant” our Saison, and “Goat Hill” our quintessential American Pale Ale.

In 2014, we received eight awards and success in multiple competitions, including two gold medals, one silver medal, three bronze medals and two honorable mentions. We also received national recognition from the American Homebrewer’s Association for “Oh Shap! Gingerbread Sweet Stout as the winner of the Battle of the Bottle Labels.

Back in 2013, we first learned of, what is today’s Platform Beer Co.

Two years later, now with Platform Beer Co., West East Brewing has a tremendous opportunity to bring our unique vision to execution through this partnership. To learn first-hand from a Cleveland startup brewhouse, to collaborate, scale, plan and architect the future of West East Brewing. “We” look forward to sharing our brews with you. Cheers.

Welcome to The Platform Brewers Group

Each 12 weeks a new accomplished homebrewer gets the unique opportunity to participate in a full-fledged brewery incubator program. Once a “Groupie” is selected they will be put through a hands on program that covers, but is not limited to, the following:

  • General commercial brewery operations
  • Brewhouse set up
  • Commercial recipe formulation
  • Yeast care and management
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Oh, and you get to brew beer! Twice! And it will be poured at our Taphouse!? What!!??

In addition to hands on work in the brewery, these lucky few will get one-on-one guidance in modules that cover:

  • Business Planning
  • Financing a start-up
  • Regulatory hurdles
  • Branding/Logo Design
  • Equipment sourcing
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • And more

The application process for this program will begin again soon and is open to any and all homebrewers that wish to make owning a brewery a reality.

Did we mention the program is free? Oh yeah, the program is free.

Incubator Alumni

Ferndock Brewing Company – Brewery in Planning